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A Time for Changes…

After the recent fiasco with Blogger being down for a few days (well, it actually seemed like an Eternity, lol) I’ve decided to go ahead and publish a blog on WordPress.

I want to switch the focus a bit, with Blogger having my personal family blog and on this blog keep things more business like-I love doing reviews and giveaways, and once I build up my numbers here I should be good to go!

Having been using Blogger for so darn long, I feel like I am leaving an old friend and heading out into the unknown with WordPress.  Bear with me as I tweak things around a bit and get used to the format and settings.  I will be having a blog makeover soon as well, hopefully before I head to Guatemala in June-and I hope to get some neat items from Guatemala to give away to readers when I get back.

Settle in a bit, relax, and put your feet up.   For the next few review posts, I will publish them on both blogs-as I get used to this format.  (and get more followers!)


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